Traversing Around

April 22nd is Earth Day. Yes, I am a tad tardy to the celebration. But, I see no better way to celebrate than by sharing adventures this planet has provided me throughout March and April. Abisko, Sweden Abisko: Traveling 17 hours north of Stockholm by train, a group of friends and I made it to … More Traversing Around

Walking a Tightrope

Watch out world, I’m joining the circus.  No, not really. I’m not thattttt skilled with when it comes to balance. I am talented enough to stand on one foot and throw a ball up and down, but I am not super skilled at keeping my life in a state of balance. This lack of balance … More Walking a Tightrope

Strike A Pose

What comes to mind when you hear (in this case, read) the word, portrait? If you are like me, then you probably thought, first, of a painting; then of someone’s head; and, likely, of some shoulder action too. Get ready…because your mind is about to be blown. A portrait is so much more than the … More Strike A Pose